How do I apply for a position?
You can now apply directly through this website by clicking on the “Apply Now” button. You may be required to do a screening questionnaire prior to proceeding with your application. The on-line application form allows you to attach a covering letter and curriculum vitae.
Will I receive a response?
You will receive an automatic reply to acknowledge receipt of your application. This will be followed up by either an invitation for an interview or notification that you have been unsuccessful generally by phone or email.
Can I apply for more than one role?
You may apply for more than one role. Please apply for each position with a new application.
Can I register for future opportunities?
All positions vacant are advertised on the RAA website. You are encouraged to check the website regularly and apply directly for advertised positions as they arise. You can also sign up for a 'Job Agent/Alert' that will identify potential matches based on your skill set and notify you of the relevant position. You can access the 'Job Agent/Alert' by clicking on the 'Apply Now' button on our careers page.
Who has the ability to see my profile?
The Human Resources Department of the RAA will have access to your profile. If you have applied for a specific position, the Manager of the department with the vacancy will also be forwarded your details.
How long until a decision is made?

We endeavour to shortlist for interviews within 2 weeks of applications closing. If you are not shortlisted you will be advised within 2-4 weeks. If you are required for an interview you will be phoned or emailed regarding a suitable time.

What happens after an interview?
If you are shortlisted following an interview you may be required to undertake testing, employment profile, pre-employment medical check, and a police clearance check. You will be advised at the interview what processes are involved.
Will I have to provide referees?
It is mandatory that referees are provided. Preferably three names and phone numbers accompanying your application. We are sensitive that you may not wish for us to contact your current employer.