Board and Corporate Governance

Member Communication and Consultation

The RAA is committed to informing and engaging its members in regard to matters of policy, as well as ensuring services are being delivered in an appropriate way.

The Association’s formal communications strategies encompass a broad range of activities, including:

  • Quarterly production and distribution of the Association’s official publication, samotor, which incorporates regular features and member input;
  • Electronic distribution of a monthly stakeholder newsletter dealing with topical policy matters;
  • A structured public relations program;
  • A media, parliamentary and key stakeholder contact and liaison program;
  • Regular member surveys on public policy issues and RAA service standards and performance; and
  • Utilisation of the RAA website to inform and engage members in relation to specific issues.

In addition, the RAA regularly conducts special member focus groups to discuss in greater detail specific policy or member product and service initiatives.