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Membership Discounts

How do I know if I qualify for membership discounts?

To receive membership discounts on your RAA products, you must hold at least two different product groups. For example, if you hold Road Service and Insurance you qualify and therefore will receive a discount on your products. If hold 3 insurance policies, you will not receive the membership discounts as you only hold one product group.

Do membership discounts replace my product discounts?

No. Your membership discounts are on top of any product discounts you receive.

I have 3 insurance policies, do I qualify for membership discounts?

Unfortunately no. You must hold at least two product groups (e.g. Road Service and Insurance) before any membership discounts are applied. You do not qualify for the discount if you hold multiple policies within the one product group.

General Information

What is a QR code and how do I use them?

QR codes are similar to a barcode which can be ‘scanned’ through a smartphone or tablet camera and then perform multiple functions.

The most common action performed with QR codes is to direct the user's smartphone or tablet device to a specific web address. This what RAA have done on a number of our communications.

It's easy to get a QR code app and they are very easy to use! Depending on whether you have an Apple or Android device will depend on where you need to go to download the app.

There are many free QR code reader apps available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Updating Your Communication Preference

Why change your communication preference to email?
  • It's convenient: Access your policy documents anywhere, anytime
  • It's secure: Reduces the risk of lost or stolen mail
  • It's quick: Receive documents faster
  • It's better for the environment: Reduces our environmental footprint
I would like to receive my communication by email, rather than mail.

To change your communication preference to email, please complete your details here.
Alternatively, we can make the switch for you, please give us a call on (08) 8202 4600 or email us.

If I update my communication preference to email will I still receive samotor magazine by post?

Yes, samotor magazine will continue to be delivered to your nominated postal address in paper form.

If you would rather receive samotor magazine by email, we can update your preference for you. Please give us a call on
(08) 8202 4600 or email us.


Do I need to notify you if my email address changes?

It is important that you tell us when your email address or any contact details change, so that you can continue to receive your documents.

You can update your contact details by logging onto the myRAA App. Alternatively, we can update your details for you, please give us a call on (08) 8202 4600 or email us.

What type of documents will be sent by email?
  • Road Service notices
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Insurance adjustment notices
  • Insurance renewal notices*

Any documents unable to be sent by email will continue to be sent by post.
*Available only for Direct Debit customers.

What happens if I don’t receive a document by email that I’m expecting?

If you don’t receive a document or can’t find one previously received, please contact us to arrange for it to be resent.
Please give us a call on (08) 8202 4600 or email us.


Can I switch back to receiving my communication by post, rather than email?

Yes, to switch back to receiving your documents by post please call us on (08) 8202 4600 or email us. We will also check your postal address is up-to-date to ensure you receive your documents.

Change of Details

I have changed my name, how do I let you know?

Drop into your local RAA Shop or give us a call on 8202 4600 and we can arrange for a new membership card to be posted to you.

I've changed my address, how do I let you know?

You can change your address or phone number online by completing the form found in Change Address. Otherwise drop into your local RAA Shop or telephone us on 8202 4600.

RAA Member Benefits

Does RAA Membership give me access to Road Service?

Your membership card does not entitle you to Road Service unless you have purchased our Road Service product. Click here to buy Road Service.

What benefits do I receive as an RAA Member?

You have access to a wide range of member-only services as an RAA Member. Click here to find out more and start getting more from your membership.

Does my membership give me discounts anywhere?

Definitely! In addition to the discounts that you receive on many RAA products and services, our members get exclusive discounts at the RAA Shop and have access to savings at hundreds of retailers around Australia and the world through the Show Your Card & Save program. A comprehensive list of savings around SA can be found on the More For Members section of our website

As an RAA Member, do I have to pay for RAA vehicle inspections?


RAA Members receive great savings on a wide range of RAA Vehicle Inspections, including pre-purchase, end-of-warranty, after accident repairs and safety check inspections. These can be carried out at RAA or at a place of your choosing. For more information about the services we offer click here.

Online Member Access

What additional content can I access as an online member?

RAA Members can log in to myRAA to retrieve previous insurance quotes, pre-fill competition entries and view current weather and fuel prices for their local area. You can also keep a tab on your membership and view your member savings!

I'm an RAA Member, how do I get access to member only content?

The first time you wish to access member only content, you should register. This involves submitting your membership number, postcode and contact details. You will also be asked to nominate a password. On each subsequent visit to the RAA site, to access exclusive member only content, simply enter your membership number in the Login box and then your password in the pop up box that appears.

I've registered for online access, how do I know if I'm logged in to the site?

The indicator that you're logged in to access RAA Member only content is the appearance of 'Hi your name' in the upper right corner of the screen. You'll then have ready access to all member only content on the site.

I'm trying to register for online access, but I'm getting an error message.

To verify that you are a current financial RAA Member, when you register we check your membership number against the postcode that we have recorded in our membership database. If you have recently moved home and haven't notified us of your new address, we will still have your old postcode on file. You will be able to register using this postcode and then update your address details online. If you continue to have problems please email us.

I'm a member of an interstate motoring club, can I access your online content?

No, unfortunately our member only content is available to current RAA Members only as an extra benefit of their membership. Some of our sister clubs have also developed exclusive online content for their members, so you may like to check what your club offers you.

Conditions of Membership

Who is eligible for RAA Membership?

Any person who holds a Road Service, Insurance or Security Monitoring Product with RAA is entitled to RAA Membership at no additional cost. Also, any person who is listed as a joint insured on an insurance policy, or a joint holder on a security contract will also receive their own individual RAA Membership.

How long does it take to receive my Membership Card after I join?

Your card will take between 3-5 weeks to arrive. 

I just received a letter stating I'm now an RAA Member. What does this mean?

We've recently made some changes to the way our membership works. Rather than membership being linked only to Road Service, any customer who holds an Insurance or Security Monitoring product will now become members at no additional cost (Road Service product holders will continue to remain as members also).

To find out all the benefits available to you as an RAA Member, click here.

I've just received my membership card, do I need to do anything?

All you need to do is sign the reverse and place it in your purse or wallet. You'll be asked to present your membership card when accessing member benefits. Without your card on you, you could be missing out on opportunities to save.

My card has been damaged / lost / stolen, can I get a replacement membership card?

Yes. Simply drop into your local RAA Shop with some identification and we will arrange for a new card to be posted out to you. Alternatively call us on 8202 4600 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm or Saturday 9am-12pm. 

How to Pay

Is there a cost to become an RAA Member?

Currently you cannot purchase RAA Membership on it’s own outside of holding a Road Service, Insurance or Security Monitoring product with RAA. Once you hold a product with RAA you receive membership at no additional cost.

How do I renew my membership?

Providing you still hold an active Road Service, Insurance or Security Monitoring product, your RAA Membership will automatically be renewed each year at no cost to you.