Road Rules Advice

Know your rights

RAA's Motoring Road Rules Consultants can be of assistance to members when something goes wrong with their car and they're unsure of where they stand. Whether it's difficulties in processing an insurance claim, dissatisfaction with the quality and cost of repairs done or uncertainty when buying a new car, RAA can help you.

Repairer Problems

You can trust RAA to help you out if you have a problem with the cost or quality of a repair.

Technical Inspections
RAA Technical are able to inspect any repairs and give a qualified opinion that you can use in negotiations. There are several types of inspections available that can be undertaken.

Approved Repairers
Every RAA Approved Repairer must guarantee their workmanship, standard of equipment, and qualifications of their operators, as well as maintain a fair pricing policy.

If there is a dispute between an RAA Member and an RAA Approved Repairer, we will first attempt to settle the matter by negotiation. If this is not possible, with the consent of both parties the matter may be referred to a committee whose decision is final and binding.

Insurer Problems

RAA's Motoring Road Rules Consultants can also help if you are having problems with your insurer, or with another parties' insurer.

RAA Members can access information on what to do after a crash, how to claim if you're not at fault, advice to the at fault person concerning their rights, and percentages of liability. All this information can be obtained by contacting RAA's Motoring Road Rules Consultants on 8202 4570.

RAA Technical can also be of assistance in arranging inspections of vehicles to establish value or cost of repairs.

If you’re unhappy with your current insurer, remember RAA Insurance offers agreed valuation, your choice of repairer, no excess if you’re not at fault, and the Aussie Assist package for when you are travelling.

Buying a Car?

If you’ve bought a car and are having problems, or are thinking of buying but are unsure of your rights, RAA's Motoring Road Rules Consultants can be of assistance. Members can gain exclusive member advice and be made aware of the important points needed when navigating this process, including:

  • What to know before signing the contract
  • Things you should know about signing a contract
  • Things you should know about buying a second hand vehicle
  • What happens if a vehicle is still under finance?
  • The cooling off period applicable to second hand vehicle purchases from dealers.