Safe Driving

Road Worker Safety

Road worker safety is everyone's responsibility. For road workers, the hazards of having their office on the road can be extreme – even life-threatening. Obey the speed limits in place and make sure to leave plenty of room when driving past road workers.

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RAA Patrol Safety

To ensure RAA patrols and our members are as safe as possible in a break down situation, RAA has launched a number of new road safety initiatives.

Firstly, our Patrols will now be able to place speed-reduction signs on the roadside in high-risk situations.

For instance, if the patrol is working on a vehicle that’s located near a blind corner or on an extremely busy road, they can place the reduced speed sign on the road as a way of asking motorists to slow down while passing the patrol.

There will also be signs indicating when it’s safe to return to the normal speed limit.

The other initiative will see our members asked a few extra questions when they call for RAA to come and help them at a break down.

This will allow us to learn more about the location they’re in to make sure the member is kept as safe as possible.

It will also help us to determine the best possible response, ranging from Police assistance, an immediate tow, intervention by the Adelaide Traffic Management Centre or simply sending a patrol to assess the scene.

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