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It can be a daunting feeling driving on an interstate road that you are unfamiliar with, especially if you need to use a toll road. The problem is, how do you identify the toll road, when do you need to pay for it and how much does it cost?

Gone are the days when you could simply drive on a toll road and pay an operator in a cash booth. Since July 2013, all toll roads in Australia are operated on a cashless tolling system. One of the main reasons for this was to reduce congestion caused by vehicles waiting to pay a toll and to improve traffic flow. Most regular users of toll roads have an electronic tag fitted to their vehicle which automatically detects what roads have been travelled on, which is then linked to an account where they are charged directly. 

So what does this mean for South Australian motorists travelling interstate who don’t have electronic tags? RAA advises that motorists plan their journeys ahead and pre-purchase tolls to avoid any potential penalties. If you don’t have an electronic tag fitted, your vehicle is identified by cameras positioned at various points along each toll road which record your registration plate. But don’t worry, if you don't have an electronic tag you will be able to purchase a temporary pass from a variety of locations. You should ideally do this before travelling on any toll road, although you are given up to 72 hours after travelling on them to purchase a pass.

To date, toll roads are only found in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria and RAA does not support the introduction of them in South Australia.

This guide is intended for motorists driving their own vehicle interstate. For hire cars the rules are slightly different, although most hire companies supply vehicles that are fitted with an electronic tag for the payment of tolls. RAA recommends that it is best to consult with the hire car company regarding their policy on toll road driving before hiring a vehicle.

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