Safe Driving

Fact Sheets

Alcohol - How alcohol affects your ability behind the wheel. 

Breakdown safety - What you should do to remain safe in the event of a breakdown.

Cyclists - Tips for cyclists to stay safe on the road. 

Driver safety - The things you should know to be able to face an unexpected emergency when driving.

Driver fatigue - Understand the warning signs of fatigue.

Driving in the wet - Tips to help you drive in wet weather conditions.

Driving holiday - Guide on preparing your car for a driving holiday.

Fitness to drive - Covers the options available to you if your driving circumstances change.

Looking after your car - Basic car maintenance advice.

Motorcycle safety - Safety tips motorcyclists should be aware of. 

Pedestrian safety - Safety tips for pedestrians.

Sharing the road with cyclists - What you should be aware of when sharing the road with cyclists.

Sharing the road with heavy vehicles - What you should be aware of when sharing the road with trucks. 

Stock on the road - What you should do if you encounter stock on the road. 

More Motoring & Road Safety Information

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