Vehicle Inspection Types

Warranty Inspection

If purchased from a car dealer, a new or used car will be covered under a warranty. Get an RAA Warranty Inspection before your warranty period ends, so you can find out if anything is wrong with your vehicle and if it’s covered under the warranty. Book an inspection today.

A warranty is your guarantee that should any faults become apparent within the warranty period, you won’t have to pay to have them repaired.

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Used Car Warranty Inspection

From $255

This vehicle inspection is for people who have purchased a car from a South Australian Registered Dealer and want to know what items of their car require repairing and are covered under the statutory used car warranty. If this is you, make the most of your used car warranty by getting your car inspected before your warranty period ends.

This inspection is designed to examine the components and systems covered under the South Australian Second Hand Vehicle Dealers Act. Further information for registered dealers and consumers can be found here.

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New Car Warranty Inspection

From $280

Our New Car Warranty Inspections are for people who have purchased a brand new car from a dealer and want to know if any items require repairing and may be covered under their manufacturers’ warranty. So before your new car warranty period ends, get a New Car Warranty inspection and have your dealer take care of any issues.

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Please note prices may change to due vehicle difficulty or extra time required due to removal of underbody covers and requiring a workshop hoist to complete an accurate inspection. Please read the terms and conditions that may apply to your inspection service type, click here.


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