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Can I have a monitored alarm if I have a pet?
Where is the RAA monitoring centre based?
Can I still have my alarm monitored by RAA even if it was installed by another provider?
Does an alarm system really reduce the chances of my home being burgled?
What happens if a power outage occurs?
What happens if my alarm is triggered?
Do I need a landline to monitor my alarm?
Can I use my alarm to protect my family while we’re asleep at home?
Can I check what is happening at home when I’m not there?
Is there an app I can download to check my system via my mobile?
Do I have to pay the full installation cost up front or is there a payment plan option?
If I’m away and my alarm is triggered, how does the attending RAA security patrol access my property?
Once I have accepted your quote, how long will it be before my security system is installed?
How much does it cost for an RAA security patrol to attend my home.